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Introduction to Global Public Health

Free online short course

Last Registration Date End of May 2020

Duration 3 months

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About the course

Recent events have reminded us that health and disease are worldwide issues, and that we are all interconnected. Big questions have been asked about nations’ abilities to cooperate with each other, and the structures we have in place to deal with such global crises.

London School of Business and Finance has teamed up with experts in the field of public health to bring you the Introduction to Global Public Health. This fully online short course has been designed to help you understand some of the key concepts related to public health, such as epidemiology, the main organisations involved in public health and their roles in global health management, and the global dimensions of public health ethics. Upon completion of the Introduction to Global Public Health you will be sent an electronic 'Certificate of Attendance' to confirm you attended the course.

How to access the course

Who is it for?

This free, open access course is designed for anyone with a curiosity to learn more about the fundamental aspects of global health and how pandemics are understood and managed.

It is also a perfect starting point for those who might consider exploring professional pathways in this field. Public health experts are in more demand than ever, analysing and proposing what we can do to prevent the spread of fatal viruses sweeping the globe as we’re witnessing now.

Topics to be covered during the programme

  • The foundational philosophies of public health and global health
  • The intersecting and dynamic determinants of individual health
  • How to measure the disease burden to discover emerging health trends in varied populations
  • Health disparities within and across countries
  • Differences between health systems in resource-rich and resource-poor countries
  • A ‘rights-based’ approach to health and ethical dilemmas in global public health

Learning outcomes


Develop critical knowledge of the determinants of health, how health status is measured, the concept of disease burden, and the meaning of demographic and epidemiologic transitions.


Discuss key players and their roles in global health management, coordination and financing including the UN, WHO, World Bank, NGOs, foundations, advocacy organisations and national governments.


Compare and contrast health systems in high-income and low-income countries and assess ways in which resource-poor areas can provide quality, cost-effective healthcare.


Critically appraise and evaluate the global dimensions of public health ethics around the world, and how these interpretations are applied when implementing public health policy.

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